Sewing Circle

Sewing.  That's a scary word for me.  I have tried my hand at sewing many times over the years.  I cannot understand why I can cross-stitch but cannot sew by hand.  A machine is even more daunting as I have difficulty sewing in a straight line.  However, I have recently decided that I not only need, but want to learn how to do both.  I had purchased a mini-dress making sewing machine for my daughter when she was about 7 years old (that would be 10 years ago) and it was never taken out of the box because I couldn't show her how to use it.  It was bought from a tv shopping channel and I can remember them saying what a great little machine it was so I took it out of storage and decided to give it a shot.  It was then that I discovered that it didn't have a foot pedal and the only way to control it was the power switch.  No speed control meant very unreliable stitching in my hands.  So, I snagged a sweet deal on Thanksgiving night at Wal Mart, picking up a very basic (but at least has a foot pedal!!) machine for under $50.  Now, I just need lessons on how to use it. It came with a dvd to show how to turn it on and off, thread the bobbin and the needle and how to use each of the attachments.  The machine part, I think I have down.  The part that tells me the best way to work with fabric and patterns, not so much.  Even so, I am up to the challenge.

I will be updating this page with my efforts and failures whenever possible.  I will also provide links to where I have gone to find beginner and easy patterns that I have tried or plan to try.  Maybe one day I can actually progress beyond beginner and easy stuff.....

Please feel free to leave comments with advice, requests for help (from other readers, I am currently clueless), tips, project updates or your favorite haunts for this craft.

UPDATE!!!  WHAT was I thinking?  I am still sooooo excited about this craft, but I am getting more terrified by the day as I get closer and closer to actually tackling my first "real" project (by that I mean, other than practicing stitching with my newfangled sewing machine to find out what kind of stitches can be made with that wonderful, scary piece of equipment).  I recently cut "rectangles" out for a project that I have had planned for a while, but I think many of them may have turned out to be trapezoids.  That being said, I really must get pictures of my Michael's most recent projects and tasks he has tackled for me to give me the tools I want and need to do this stuff.  I am so blessed and love him more than words can express.

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