Knitting Needles

I enjoy knitting, I really do.  Unfortunately, I can only do this craft in short spurts of activity due to a history of carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands.  I have finally had both hands repaired so hope that this restriction will be a thing of the past.  Presently I am working on several projects at once so have not had much time to devote to this craft for a while.  I am hoping that this will change once I get past making CHRISTmas gifts and have this blog completely up and running.  Look toward links to fun projects and patterns we find on the web.  Michael loom knits so we will try to provide a bunch of links for that as well.  We also hope to be able to publish the results we have gotten from patterns we have tried and lessons learned from that process.

Please feel free to leave comments on this page about your knitting experiences, ask for help from the other readers, provide advice for us or other readers and/or links to your favorite haunts for this craft.

Update - 04/05/2013
I was sorting through one of my over half a dozen email accounts today and ran across a very sweet email from the editor of  Quoting straight from Cindy's email, they offer "nationwide maps of yarn shops, fiber farms and all sorts of knitting and crochet events (festivals, markets, expos, retreats, yarn crawls, cruises, workshops, etc.)"  This site sounds like an exciting place to be and I am more than excited to include them as our first resource on this page of our blog.  I will also add this link to our resources tab after I get a chance to get some sleep.  :p  I guess I shouldn't read email at 1:15am, but one thing leads to another.  Unfortunately, I chose the night before a day filled with meetings and other activities.  So, I better head to bed before my wonderful and sweet husband wakes up and ....  Anyway, I simply cannot wait to cruise on over.  I also found out that today is the first day of the 7th annual UBP (Ultimate Blog Party), so that is another task I plan to try to tackle after resting.  Sweet dreams, y'all!

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