Friday, March 1, 2013

Crocheted Wristers (Also Called Fingerless Gloves)

Instructions are written using 5 weight yarn.  Any type of yarn and any size hook can be used, but changes will need to be made in the number of chains and rows to reflect the changes as needed.  The stitches used in this pattern are chain, double crochet and slip stitches.  You can change the stitches to singles, half doubles, triples or any other combination of stitches you like.  Again, you will need to adjust the number of rows to account for the difference in size of the stitches
Materials needed
·         K Hook
·         Less than ½ pound of 5 weight yarn makes at least one pair of wristers
·         Scissors
·         Optional Measuring tape
Gauge for this project is 10 Double Crochets, 5 Rows = 4”
Instructions (make 2)
1.       Chain 25 loosely
2.       Row 1 Double Crochet in the 4th chain from the hook; Double Crochet in each remaining chain to end – 22 stitches
3.       Row 2 Turn; Chain 3, Double Crochet in 2nd double crochet from pervious row; Double Crochet to end – 22 stitches
4.       Row 3 -10 Repeat row 2
Bind off once the width of the rectangle is enough to wrap around your wrist snugly (but leaving enough stretch to allow them to be pulled on and off over the hand).  If your gauge is smaller than mine, you will need more stitches on each row and more rows, or use a larger hook.  If your gauge is larger than mine, you will need fewer stitches per row and fewer rows, or use a smaller hook.
Fold the rectangle in half, right side facing.  Using a slip stitch, join the foundation chain to the final row.  Stitch for about one inch (I stitched four stitches to make about an inch).  Bind off and secure both ends of this piece of yarn. 
Skip about an inch (again, I skipped four stitches) and join another segment of yarn with a slip stitch (making sure you are going through both sides).  Continue to slip stitch the remaining 13 stitches to join the foundation chain to the final row.  Bind off.
Secure all tails and weave in your loose ends.  I have found that my ends are most secure if I weave in one direction for about four stitches and then turn back towards the other direction.  Do this at least once to secure your tails. 
Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about this project.  This is the first project I have ever written down for the benefit of anyone but my own shorthand notes.  I hope they are not too confusing.
Happy stitching!
Mistie Kelley


Fingerless gloves said...

Oh i love fingerless gloves, they are so usefull and cool ;-)

Michael Mistie Kelley said...

Thank you! I just love these. They work up so quickly and are so useful. I may have to take them to the flea market Saturday if it doesn't warm up quickly. :p