Paper Craft Room

I swore I would never pick up paper crafts as a hobby.  It is so expensive to get into and it doesn't get any cheaper to maintain.  Well, one day I was looking for some way to get personalized tags and cards made for my handmade jewelry.  Then I realized I could make my own pieces with a Cuttlebug much cheaper than buying specialty made cards (or at least that is how I convinced myself to buy the Cuttlebug).  The fact that the Cuttlebug can emboss and cut metal and leather I can then use in jewelry just made that purchase that much sweeter.  Then I realized that as a proud new owner of that beautiful green and white machine that I could now make my own handmade cards.  Sweet!!!  I love greeting cards and always have a wide array of cards on hand, making my own was just to great a deal to pass up.

So, now that I am making my own cards, I need the tools to cut and score, embellishments and stamps to make cute and beautiful cards.  Then I realized that I could make my own stamps if I just get a Xyron.  Add that to the wish list.  Then, one day I discovered that I could even make my own stamps.  What?!?!  That is such an amazing discovery!  Add that to the wish list.  My parents bought a Cricut Expression 2 for us for CHRISTmas, then three weeks later we found out that Provocraft is releasing the new Cricut Explorer.  This exciting new machine will use regular cartridges, Imagine cartridges and YOUR OWN DESIGNS and fonts from your computer!!!  That and it will be able to cut and write at the same time.  Sweet!  That is coming out in about 2 weeks.  I will be glued to HSN on launch day, looking for any deals or possibilities of flex pay.  That machine will be on the wish list, but hopefully not for long.  I will sell my brand new Expression 2 to help pay for it if I have to.

Wait, when did I get into paper crafting?  This is the question I wake up asking some days.  Especially when I find myself foaming at the mouth over a cartridge on sale or desperately seeking that perfect color stamp pad for that paper stack I just found on sale.  LOL  Oh well, at least I still didn't pick up scrapbooking.  But, wait!  My best friend gave me a blank scrapbook along with the wedding pictures her (photographer) mother took as our wedding present.  That and I was completely in awe of the scrapbook kit available on our recent cruise to the Caribbean.  So much so that I had to buy it.  Great, now what do I do with them?  Thankfully I have a friend from church that has volunteered to help me learn scrapbooking and how to make it fun.  Not too much fun, I hope - or I will definitely end up with yet one more hobby to keep us busy (and broke).  LOL

I will keep you posted....

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